I Still Love You

It’s easy to think that your parents don’t love you when you argue, fight, or disagree but know this:  YOU ARE LOVED!  

For a kid, we don’t fully understand or grasp the fathom of our parents and God’s love for us. Even if we make a really stupid mistake, God and our parents still love us UNCONDITIONALLY, and that will always remain true, and there`s nothing we can do to change that!

Measuring up usually hints at the feeling that either we`re doing great or we aren`t doing good enough, or even we aren`t good enough. This is not true of course and we should refrain from using the phrase, because WE DO measure up and WE ARE great enough for a great God. He loves you, and so do your parents, so keep that chin up, for you are LOVED!


When my daughter shared her idea of I Still Love You as a topic for this week’s blog, immediately I felt a tug on my heart.  While she was wrestling with our love as parents and how we can still love our children regardless of behavior, actions or appearance, I thought to myself about how long I wrestled (and sometimes still do) with comprehending the limitless love of our heavenly father.

There is a tendency to reject this acceptance because of our own perceptions about how worthy we believe we are to receive a gift we don’t feel as though we earned.  I battled this myself for many years, trying to get to a place where I felt “clean” enough, perfect enough.  I could not imagine God would want me or want to use me to do anything to impact others.  I thought “what will I have to offer in this state brokenness.”  Then He sent a message to my heart.  He spoke to the deepest part of me, the part I kept hidden away in darkness, the part that I shielded from everyone else.

See God has this extraordinary habit of always wanting whatever it is we are not willing to let anyone else, including Him touch.  But God doesn’t take our NO for an answer.  He says, “I want that…I want that broken, ugly beat down thing you are clinging to.  I need you to let me have it so I can wash it clean and make it work again.  I have a purpose for it that you cannot see yet.  I have a plan to give it back to you so you can share it with other people so they will know me better.”

He has a plan for your THING, whatever it is.  And I will tell you, the broken the better.  He cannot fill what is closed.  And you can be assured 100% He wants it because He Still LOVES YOU!

Remain in me, as I also remain in you.  No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine.  Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.  My command is this:  LOVE each other as I LOVED YOU.

John 15:4, 12

God sets the example of how to love in place of our perfection.  He wants us to rely on Him in our brokenness and imperfection because He has the power to bring LIGHT into dark places, to bring back to life that which is worn down in this world.