You’ve Got Something to Celebrate

Celebration is a fun way to build and also grow relationships. It allows  you to learn about others as well. You get to spend time with those you care most about and you get the chance to make them feel special.

Celebrations aren`t  just for friends. They can also be between families. You can have incredible amounts of fun just inside your house. ( See Pinterest for ideas haha…) Things can get heated in a house, so celebrations and praise often helps disagreements die down and cool off.

We are living in party central right now!  We kick off October every year with a double birthday celebration for two of our family members.  And birthdays at our house mean and entire day is spent making sure the birthday person feels special.  We all love to feel special don’t we?  And we LOVE a celebration to highlight our high points.

Think about all of the “celebrations” we have in our lives..know what they all have in common?

A majority of them revolve around a once a year recognition of something that happened in our past, often something we had nothing to do with ourselves.  I love a good celebration along with everyone, as a matter of fact I treasure them and start thinking about them long before the day arrives.

When Ashton suggested we do a blog on celebration, at first I thought, ” Well what’s to tell?  Celebrations are happy, everyone is smiling, but sure a feel good blog never hurts.”  Then we sat down to really prepare and came across a verse about celebration:

They rejoice in your name all day long; they celebrate in your righteousness. Psalm 89:16

This describes not just an event, or preparation for an event, instead the authors of Psalms describe about a state of being – a state of CELEBRATION.  This focus of mind and heart on a constant celebration got us thinking.  At first, you might respond with “YEAH!  An all day party!  That’s a verse I can get excited about! Does Chuck E. Cheese’s do 24/7 parties?”

Before you stock up on colorful paper plates and make your custom playlist, there are two things to point out:

They rejoice ALL DAY LONG, as in everyday, every hour, without cease.  When was the last time you threw a party?  At some point, we all hit that wall when we are ready to kick out the guests, pour out the punch bowl, crawl into our sweat pants and take a nap until next week!  Celebration is exhausting!  But these people are PARTY people!  They are the guests that doesn’t want to leave.  They are rejoicing ALL DAY LONG, and well into the night and the next day.

So how are they sustained and why aren’t they collapsing in exhaustion?

Because their source is not an event.  They rejoice in something bigger and more worthy of this exuberance.  They rejoice IN HIS NAME and IN HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS.  And HE is Jesus.  They are celebrating what He has ALREADY DONE and for who He ALREADY IS.

Just like you, we tend to focus on celebrating when something is finished.  God wants us to celebrate what He has done, what He IS doing and what He is CAPABLE to DO!  He is never finished with us, he made us knowing that we could never be perfect or complete without needing what He has to offer.

Imagine if you lived your life celebrating what God CAN DO.  You might just find yourself celebrating all day long, and into the night, never wanting to leave!