The Wise Seek Wisdom

The funny thing about wisdom is that it’s an oxymoron.  Just think about it, no one is truly wise, because everybody is thirsty for more knowledge on a subject that they struggle with.  Anyways, there is improvement for everyone.  I personally am asked for relationship advice, but I don’t really know how to respond.  Therefore, I am a neutral perspective.  Here’s a fact:  No one will ever have all the answers except for one – God!  He knows what the best thing for everyone is.  He knows your strengths and your weaknesses.  Wise people seek wisdom from others that specialize in that topic because they would want to know they are going to be successful.  If you and a friend were going to drown, who would you want to save you?  Not your friend, or else you would both drown!  Same thing here.  You wouldn’t ask someone who has never picked up a pencil before to write a novel; you would ask a writer who has written novels their entire lives!  We challenge you to find a group of people who you can really learn from, that will make you wiser on a variety of topics.

Wisdom is not a collection of knowledge and facts.  Wisdom is also the paring of this knowledge and the discernment of when to apply it in life.  Each and every day in our home, we receive a wide assortment of factoids and interesting “Did you knows”.  Our children are a smorgasbord of weird and amazing believe it or nots.  If we gauged success by a randomization of facts, they would be climbing the ladder to stardom.  As parents, we know intelligence without application won’t get you far beyond the library.  Wisdom, however, is a constant seeking of how to apply gained knowledge.  Knowing when and where to take action.  Wisdom is comprised of knowledge and the associated experience both in gaining it and seeing its consequences.  This helps us know how to apply it in the future should we stumble upon the scenario again.  This is why it is so beneficial to know people who have been there, done that and now have the blood-and-sweat stained t-shirt to prove it.  Seek out these people!

There are times in life we feel stuck and limited by the situation we are in.  We are prideful by nature and want to also be the one who knows the right answer to solve your own problems.  There is just one problem with that…you weren’t made to solve all of your own problems alone.  We were created to connect with others in meaningful ways.  Maybe you have tried to seek veteran survivors of your situation and you still find yourself trapped.

I struggled with this for so long.  Maybe you are the same way.  You want to be independent and someone others always feel they can count on.  There is a lot of pressure to be the one to fix everyone else and solve all of the issues, including our own.  We would love to think this makes us appear to be a person in control, large and in charge.  I found the opposite to be true.  Once we decide we know it all, we are closed to new ideas, the ability to learn and shut down to what God wants to speak into our hearts.

If you lead others or are struggling to understand why your advice may not be accepted.  Acknowledge wisdom is a journey and the path itself can teach us a lot about ourselves.  Our brains make new connections and allow us to connection information and apply it in brand new ways.  You could walk the same path every day and still it would have something to teach you.  Change helps us identify ways to create new opportunities for growth and knowledge.  People want to know you are human just like them.  They want to know you will walk along side of them in this life, seeking ways to open yourself to new experiences.  If you knew everything there was to know, what would be left for you to learn?

Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.  Ephesians 5:15-16