The word ‘FOR’ gets right to the heart of what is behind our vision and mission:  finding our PURPOSE despite our imperfection.  We encourage you today to consider who and what you do what you do FOR.

As parents, we tend to do most of what we do FOR our families, friends and loved ones (And let’s be honest, we also do a whole lot for ourselves). Our kids’ activities drive our schedules.  We work hard in order to provide and afford the things we want and need.  We make decisions, often tough decisions, in order FOR our children to live safe, healthy and productive lives.

These are important reasons and any good parent should do things FOR their children.  But have you taken any time to consider what you do FOR God and His purpose?  You can be certain there is a specific purpose and promise He is planning to fulfill through you.  He is just waiting for you to open the door and so He can get started.  Need some inspiration?  Check out The Imperfect Project.  Your FOR could be the answer to someone else’s HOW.

What are you celebrating FOR?

What are you thankful FOR?

What are you praying FOR?

What are you getting up every day FOR?