Let it Go!

God does really amazing things in us when we have the room to let him work. This often means God has to break us to open up new places in our hearts and minds, or he had to take something away to be able to give you what he wants you to have.
You have to Let Go.
Sounds just about as difficult as it actually is to do it. To let something go, you must have trust. Trust that what was once worth spending every ounce of energy to keep, you can now live without or what you once controlled and protected can now live and do on its own.

Trust is tough isn’t it?! I acknowledge my own battle against control, which makes trust a very difficult concept to put into action. I just want things to do what they are “supposed to”. This works great for technology and car engines, not so much for people and certainly not healthy for raising kids.

To let them become the people God made them to be, as parents we have to have our own confidence and TRUST in God’s plan.

Jer 29:11 tells us we can have confidence in this plan because our future relies on it and we can be assured God has no intention of giving us anything which will break us beyond fixing. Yes, you can count on being hurt in this life or losing what you thought you had to have, but you can also count on those broken pieces and hollow areas of your heart coming together for something bigger and better than you could have imagined.