hendrickson_2015-90 Remember when you were a kid and nothing kept you from running recklessly through the yard?…ok was I the only one who ever did that?  Eventually we learn that you do have to wear shoes and clothing is more socially acceptable.  Unfortunately with adulthood, we lose our willingness to be so vulnerable.

After years of permitting life to cover up and confine me to the person I thought I SHOULD be, I broke free and allowed God to show me the person He knew I COULD be.  As an all around enthusiast for finding truth in the power of words, I realized I had an opportunity to share my story.

Recently, my daughter joined me on this journey.  Out of our ever growing relationship with its own twists and turns, we believe God is still creating new paths for us to follow.  We created a specific page dedicated to sharing our relationship and the learning that comes with growing up and finding your way. Visit A Path Emerges to join us on the journey.  Our newest endeavor #theImperfectProject features a list of organizations and projects ready to receive your unique ways of contributing love and kindness.

Perhaps you are ready today to shed some of the layers of life and UNCOVER a new reason to Run Nkd.  I am so glad you are here.  I am praying for you and excited that God has something in store bigger than where you are today!